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Laboratory Experiments

If you are interested in participating in experiments, follow these steps:
  1. Register a new account on this website. Click "Yes" below to agree to the privacy policy and begin registration. Please only use your email address. Creating multiple accounts will result in losing eligibility to participate in future experiments.
  2. When a researcher schedules a new experiment, a subset of eligible people will be invited from the database of registered individuals.
    • You may not receive invitations to certain experiments, even if you would have been eligible to participate.
    • If you are not invited to an experiment then you cannot participate in that experiment.
  3. Invitations will come via email. If you wish to sign up for a particular experiment, simply follow the directions in the email.
    • You are never obligated to participate in any experiment if you do not want to.
    • To stop receiving future invitations, simply un-register your account on this website.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email after signing up that gives further instructions on how to participate in that experiment.
    • Often, more people than are needed are recruited for an experiment. In those cases, the extra participants will be paid a show-up fee and dismissed. You are not guaranteed to participate; in any experiment you may be chosen to be dismissed for a show-up fee.
    • The system tracks no-shows. If you sign up but don't show up to multiple experiments, you will not receive invitations to future experiments.
  5. You will typically be paid in cash at the end of the experiment based on your performance. No minimum payment is guaranteed, but most studies pay an average of around $15/hour. Of course, your payment can be much higher or much lower depending on the particular experiment, the choices you make, choices others make, and good or bad luck.
  6. If you have issues or concerns with an experiment, your payment, or the way you were treated, please contact the following people, in this order:
    1. The experimenter running the experiment.
    2. The lab manager (
    3. The associate lab director (Prof. Healy)
    4. The senior lab director (Prof. Kagel)

For questions please contact